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Who Is Standish Milling?

We are a unique, family-owned, company that has been actively pursuing growth since 1937, founded as a flour mill, employing only 12 people. Not long after Standish Milling became a feed mill and started manufacturing and distributing bird seed and livestock feed.

In 1978 Standish Milling retail store was born, selling dog food and poultry products on just a few shelves. Then in 1995 Standish Milling was consumed by a fire, burning most of the original mill to the ground. That very day, Standish Milling was up and running at our new location we are currently operating from.

Today, Standish Milling employs over 50 people, serving not only the local community but also numerous businesses around Michigan, and sells over 6,500 different products, many of which are manufactured right here in Standish.


Our Vision

We have a strong vision to expand our infrastructure and help our customers be able to service their communities affordably and with quality products. We look forward to partnering with you and your company to bring the support you need to be successful in the coming days!
Factory-Standish Milling


Standish Milling is a Manufacturer of livestock feed, wild bird seed, agricultural seed, grass seed, whitetail deer food plot mixes, and more
Moving Truck-Standish Milling


Standish Milling services over 850+ dealers throughout Michigan using our own logistics fleet, with a growth strategy to reach outside of Michigan in the coming days.
Grocery-Standish Milling


Standish Milling is very proud of our local retail location that offers great products made in Standish Michigan, and services the people of our nearby communities.