5 Benefits of Woven Poly Bags For Your Agriculture Business

5 Benefits of Woven Poly Bags For Your Agriculture Business

There are many choices of effective packaging materials used in agriculture and it can be overwhelming when comparing packaging options. It is important to consider your choices before you commit, especially if you’re buying in bulk. You must consider the purpose and weigh it against key features important to the packaging need in order to ensure the most cost effective selection.

One great choice of material that checks many boxes is polypropylene. This type of plastic, when woven and stitched, becomes a versatile polypropylene bag. Often called a woven poly bag or PP bag, these materials are a top choice in many industries. They are not to be confused with polyethylene bags, which are also called poly bags as they have vastly different properties and are used for different applications.

So why should you use a woven poly bag in your agriculture business? Here are the many reasons why it remains one of the top choices when it comes to plastic packaging items.

Why Are Woven Poly Bags Important For Your Agriculture Business?

Because most companies are busy navigating the ever changing landscape of the industry, it is difficult to prioritize the importance of efficient packaging. The agricultural business can be quite demanding as items, produce, and supplies often come in bulk. You’ll also need to watch out for physical and chemical damage.

Thus, agricultural demands often require materials that can withstand heavy-duty conditions and products. Plastic, regardless of types, is one of them. The many advantages of plastic allows it to be one of the most reliable packaging materials in the industry. Each type comes with specific purposes, properties, and uses.

Properties of Polypropylene

Polypropylene (PP) is among the best and most popular options for agricultural packaging. It is a thermoplastic, which means it changes shape and form under extreme temperatures. However, it has a higher melting point than most. While most thermoplastics melt under 130°F, PP can withstand up to 160°F. This makes it one of the most durable plastics in the market.

Additionally, polypropylene will not diminish in quality over time, proving to be a lasting reusable packaging and storage solution. They can last you for five to six years if protected from extreme conditions. With its longevity and reusability, it is one of the most cost-effective packaging options in the market.

The Benefits of Using Woven Poly Bags

Because these bags are so durable and versatile to be used for many different purposes, they are a top choice for packaging and storage. Here are some of the top reasons why they are so widely utilized in many industries.

They have a high resistance to wear and tear

Woven PP bags are more durable than any other bag on the market. Their tolerance against high-pressure conditions makes them ideal for many applications. Agriculture, construction and engineering, and warehousing are some of the most common consumers of woven PP bags.

Providing a wide range of solutions from supporting a manufacturing process to sandbagging flood waters, woven poly bags are a trusted choice. This is because PP can withstand extreme conditions. It is even resistant to pests which makes it ideal for agricultural products.

They control moisture and still allow airflow

PP bags are made of thin pieces of polypropylene that are woven and stitched together. This means that, in between those weaves, there are small gaps all throughout the bag. This construction makes woven poly bags ideal for food and supply storage. The gaps left for air to sift through helps keep produce fresh to prevent spoilage. It also helps with moisture, making it storage-friendly for soil and fertilizers.

They can be customized according to your business needs

If you’re running an agriculture business, you need to make sure that your products are packaged well and your business is well represented. Effective visuals often mean organic growth for a business, especially if it keeps your name in front of your customers all the time. 

Woven poly bags are print- and paint-friendly. You can imprint brand logos, names, labels, or even more intricate designs. Additionally, since PP bags are so flexible, you can sew a tag or two within the seams.

They are optimal for long-term usage

With proper usage, you wouldn’t need to replace your woven polypropylene bags often. These versatile, durable sacks can last up to five or six years if stored properly while not in use. The material itself is sturdy and when laminated it is even stronger. To keep them the longest, when not in use, store your poly bags out of the weather and protect from the sun.

They are an environmentally considerate option

Plastics do not have a reputation for being environmentally friendly. Recycling adds to the advantages of plastic and makes them a practical material for agricultural purposes. Most plastics, like polyethylene (PE), are categorized as “single use” and left to decompose for years.

But polypropylene has a much longer lifespan because of its durability and can be reshaped, reused, and repurposed. While PP isn’t free of problems caused by plastic, they warrant less waste and consumption than its counterparts and can be recycled after they become unusable.

Why Are Woven Poly Bags Better Than Other Options?

User experience has been the best evidence as far as objectively evaluating what the best type of sack is. In terms of versatility and resilience, polypropylene remains a superior choice. If you are curious about how PP fares compared to other bags, here are a few points to remember.

Woven Poly Bags vs. Paper Bags

When it comes to practicality, woven polypropylene bags are far better in comparison. Paper bags do have perks in terms of environmental consciousness, as they biodegrade far faster than plastic. Unfortunately, paper bags tend to be some of the most fragile materials when it comes to storage. If you’re handling bulky, heavyweight products, these bags are not likely to effectively do the job.

Woven Poly Bags vs. Fabric and Reusable Cloth Bags

PP bags are considered comparable with reusable cloth bags, such as burlap or cotton, as they share similar properties. Both woven PP bags and fabric bags are reusable, durable, and breathable. However, cloth bags fall short in terms of maintenance, as they tend to require more specialized cleaning when they get dirty. 

Comparatively, cleaning isn’t as tedious with woven poly bags. Many PP bags are laminated, which adds an extra layer of protection against dirt and are easily rinsed.

Woven Poly Bags vs. Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics, while convenient and useful, cannot compare to the qualities of woven PP bags. For starters, they are nowhere near as versatile or as heavy-duty. For everyday items, single-use bags may be your easiest choice. But for long-term usage, polypropylene is the best choice.

Beyond that, woven poly bags are superior to single use plastic bags when it comes to environmental considerations. Experts agree that plastic bags degrade and decompose for up to 20 years, and the United States alone uses up to 100 billion plastic bags each year. While people try to make a habit of recycling plastic bags, constant usage of single-use plastic will continue to leave an impact on the planet.

Using polypropylene bags will help you generate less waste. They can be used multiple times without effort and can last up to five years. This means you won’t play a role in unnecessary contributions to solid waste in the landfill.

Different Ways That Woven Poly Bags Are Used

Woven PP bags are a fundamental item in agricultural businesses. While its versatility is only limited by imagination, it is often preferred for specific purposes. Here are the best ways to use polypropylene bags.

Storage for Produce and Supplies

Resilience, longevity, and breathability make woven poly bags a manufacturer’s staple. The construction is perfect to hold and secure a variety of agricultural supplies. Fruits, vegetables, and other kinds of produce will retain their best conditions as PP bags help control moisture and pests. Woven poly bags are also suitable for soil, fertilizer, and even other heavy-duty supplies like stone and firewood.


Transporting goods and products can contribute to damage of products and packaging. But polypropylene’s resistance makes it ideal for the demands of transportation. It can withstand environmental conditions and the wear and tear from handling.

Water Control

Polypropylene bags are often used as water control aids in levees and dikes. This is because they make great sandbags. They are used to stabilize soil and control water and flood in susceptible areas. Despite the challenges that come with it, woven poly bags don’t easily disintegrate.

Products That Should Use Woven Poly Bags

Polypropylene bags are often made for long-term usage. That’s why they are found in warehouses and cargo loading areas. Here are some things you can place in your woven poly bag:  
    • Large quantities of produce
    • Animal feeds
    • Aquatic products
    • Sand
    • Soil
    • Fertilizer
    • Flour
    • Stones
    • Firewood

But storage is just a part of it. You can even maximize your woven PP bags as trash bags, especially if you’re disposing of heavyweight items. In other applications, polypropylene can be used as shopping bags. They are a better option than disposable plastic grocery bags, since they are reusable and more robust.

Where Can I Buy Woven Poly Bags?

Standish Milling offers high-quality woven poly bags in large quantities. Buying in bulk is perfect if you want to maximize your budget and positively impact your profit margins. You can get a 19” x 36” pack of bags, but if your project is too demanding, get the bigger option at 23” x 40”.

Made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), these bags are in stock and ready for shipment.


Running an agriculture business requires reliable products and only top-notch materials. These reflect on the quality of your brand and products. Woven poly bags are a trusted industry standard. They serve as trusty storage, transport material, and even damage control. Having a durable foundation of necessities like these will help strengthen your brand.

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