How to Decorate Burlap Bags

How to Decorate Burlap Bags

People love the idea of beautiful, eco-friendly items in their households. Whether it’s the curtains, a table runner, or a tote, sustainable home decor and supplies seem to be the running trend. But these innovative products not only serve as a sight for sore eyes—they can be your own DIY project, too.

One of the best materials you can use is a burlap bag. It’s the perfect starting point if you want something simple and easy to work with. Plus, it’s the perfect canvas for any great ideas you have in mind.

Excited to learn how to decorate burlap bags? Make sure to jot down the essentials.

A Mini To-Do List: Decorating Your Burlap Bag

Burlap bags are made from the natural fibers of the tropical jute plant. It is considered among the sturdiest and most versatile among other plant-based fabrics. Its neutral color provides lots of opportunities for customization and decoration.

But as with any art project, customizing your burlap requires some preparation. Here are some guidelines to help you get started.

Look for design ideas online

Not everyone was born with a designer’s instinct—and that’s okay. Seeking inspiration from sites like Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube can help you get your own creative juices flowing. Whether you’re on the conceptualization stage or on the how-to’s, the internet is going to be your best friend.

Buy supplies from the craft store

Few things compare to the sheer excitement of going into an art shop. Before anything else, stock up on essentials such as glue, tape, a ruler, and scissors. Look for scrapbook decor, stickers, ribbons, or just about anything you can incorporate into your burlap canvas. If you want to get painting, purchase fabric paint or craft paint. You can also try oil-based paint, but take note that it takes a longer time to dry.

Get resourceful

Look around you—you might be surprised at the number of amazing things you already have at your disposal. While it’s fun to purchase and collect supplies from the store, using items you already have at home can help you save money and avoid extra waste.

Look for simple, mundane things, like fake flowers or old nail gems. The best part? You can think of it as recycling and reusing, so you’re definitely adding to that planet-positive factor.

Outline to perfection

Once you’ve decided how you want your burlap bag to look, study the shape and size of the material you’re working on. Then, whip out your pencils, erasers, and scissors. Trace and mark the parts of the burlap you want to modify with a careful hand.

This method helps minimize possible errors. The fewer blunders you make in your art project, the cleaner it will look in the end.


DIY projects are special because it’s a highly personal process. When you conceptualize and prepare a design, you are making your brainchild come alive. Make your burlap bag extra unique by sneaking in something significant—whether that’s a name, a favorite animal, or a meaningful symbol.

Burlap Bag Decorating Ideas and Tips

While there are no rules in art, having a grip on the fundamentals will help you maximize your DIY venture. Don’t be afraid to mix and match various elements and factors—great art requires stepping outside the box.


Lucky for you, inspiration is everywhere. The internet alone will give you multitudes of great ideas. Even something as simple as going outside can ignite your creative side. For instance, the “five patterns in nature” (spirals, meander, explosion, packing, and branching) can bring about an organic look.

If you struggle with intricate designs, consider simpler, more repetitive ones. Paint your burlap sack with horizontal and diagonal lines, polka dots, or triangles. For a more contemporary style, try an abstract design.


This element stirs thoughts and emotional responses within any space. You might be surprised to find out that there is such a thing as “color psychology.” According to experts of this theory, warmer tones stimulate the senses while cooler tones evoke a sense of stability.

So when you’re choosing colors for your burlap, consider its purpose. Will you carry it around with your outfit? Are you trying to hang it on your front door or your Christmas tree? If you’re turning it into a fashion accessory, focus on the neutrals. But if you want to spruce up your space, try more stimulating, mood-setting hues.


Words are the most direct forms of expression—more so than any other design. You can put names, phrases, mantras, or a sweet dedication in your burlap bag. Put your calligraphy skills to work, or try stickers and letter stamps.

Other Experimental Designs

DIY burlap in itself is already an art form, but you can combine it with more. Its versatility allows for other art techniques, like cross-stitching and crocheting. These will add visual impact and uniqueness, especially to patterned designs.

You can also fold the fabric into wreaths or flowers. They make beautiful seasonal decorations and serve as unique centerpieces. It’s easy to learn, too—there are tons of YouTube videos that can walk you through the process.

Additionally, tassels and fringes can also add a gentle fluidity to your space. Try them if you’re creating burlap home decors, such as a table runner or curtain holder. And keep thinking outside the box: the more unconventional you are with your designs, the more compelling your project will become!

Why a DIY Burlap is the Perfect Project

Sustainability and mindfulness are rising values in people’s lives. So, for many, the perfect material for an art canvas is a sturdy, versatile fabric made of natural fibers. The potential for burlap is endless—and you’ll have tons of fun working with it.

Adds flair to your day

You don’t need to settle for mundane items when you can have the option to make something more meaningful. In the same way that people decorate their desks, you can add value to your day by turning your supplies into something invigorating to look at. Of course, your handy burlap bag should be first on the list.

Makes amazing home decor

Burlap bags can be just about anything—from wine bottle holders to faux flowers. You can even have something as uncanny as burlap Christmas decor or themed bean bags. And if a friend asks you where you got them from, you can smile and say you made them yourself.

Personalized gifts for family and friends

Leave plain, old gift wrappers at the store. Burlap bags are more practical, customizable, and less wasteful. When you design them specifically for your loved ones, they become infinitely more valuable. Plus, since they’re reusable, they turn into something your family and friends can remember you by.

A unique business venture

Got a passion to create and sell? This may be the perfect opportunity. Burlap sacks are a great investment because there are a number of things you can do with them. You can market them as wine bottle bags, giveaway must-haves, cute totes, and more.

From gift-wrapping services to handmade home decor, there’s bound to be a wide, enthusiastic market that’s just as excited as you.

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Burlap is becoming a staple in many people’s lifestyles. This versatile, recyclable product is the perfect balance between style and function. And by turning it into a DIY project, you get to take it up a notch by adding your unique touch to it. Whether you’re creating for personal reasons or business, you’re sure to end up with something you’ll be proud of.

So, are you learning how to decorate burlap bags? We’d love to be the starting point for your creative ideas. Check out Standish Milling’s durable packs of burlap bags.