What Are Multiwall Paper Bags?

What Are Multiwall Paper Bags?

Paper bags have probably come in handy most of your life. You can always count on one when going shopping, when bringing home takeout, even when throwing out the trash. But did you know that it can handle more heavy-duty tasks? Contrary to what most know, there are many types of paper bags on the market, some of which have multiple layers to add to their durability, imagine the possibilities!

Multiwall paper bags are more durable with a higher weight capacity. They are often used for industrial purposes and as packaging solutions since they can withstand more than a single layer paper bag can. Multiwall bags can store produce, seeds, animal food, chemicals, and other agricultural products.

Their versatility and durability have made the multiwall paper bag a staple in agricultural and warehousing businesses. Learn how manufacturers use these as storage solutions, paper feed bags, packaging solutions, and more.

All About Multiwall Paper Bags

Industrial multiwall paper bags are different from the paper bags you get from the grocery store. As one can deduce from the name, these bags are made from multiple layers of paper, which makes them more resistant to tearing and fatigue. 

Multiwall paper bags are constructed with kraft paper, a natural brown material made with the “kraft pulping” process. This unique procedure involves the digestion of wood at a higher temperature and pressure. Unlike others in the market, kraft paper can be sourced from all types of wood. It is considered one of the strongest among all kinds of papers used in manufacturing and packaging.

Types of Multiwall Paper Bags

Multiwall paper bags are highly customizable with various types, shapes, and sizes. You can adapt these bags to serve many different purposes. Here are some of the most common multiwall bag styles in agricultural businesses.

Sewn, Open Mouth Bags

Sewn, open mouth bags are also called SOM bags. They are sewn shut on one end but open on the opposite side. They serve as an easy reach to manufacturers in the packing industry because of their design. Typically, SOM bags are used to store dry, free-flowing products like flour.

Valve Bags

Optimized for transport, these multiwall paper bags are designed to make product processing and transport easier. They feature a small opening called a valve, normally located on the top corner. A tube is then lodged inside the valve, filling the multiwall bag with products. This feature makes valve bags perfect as packaging solutions for manufacturers and cargo agents.

Self-Opening Satchels

If valve bags are made for transport and product processing, Self-Opening Satchels (SOS bags) are ideal for fast and effective filling. The bag base is square-shaped, allowing it to stand on its own. Once it’s been positioned properly, it’s perfect for pouring and filling. These bags can be used as containers for produce, and are optimal for heavyweight items like stone, charcoal and animal feeds.

Pinched Bottom Open Mouth Bags

These bags are snapped shut by a hot melt process on the outside of the bag, which aids the adhesive into being applied. Pinched Bottom Open Mouth or PBOM bags are commonly used to store items that are susceptible to damage from external factors and you will often see them in shipping of materials. Because of their thorough sealing process, these multiwall paper bags feature sift-proof closures to preserve the stored products and ensure it does not leak from the packaging during transport.

The Uses of Multiwall Paper Bags

Business owners and manufacturers can attest to the adaptability of industrial multiwall paper bags. The following are the most common uses of multiwall bags.
  • Agricultural storage. Agricultural products tend to require very specific conditions to preserve the quality of the products. You need to be meticulous in product handling to ensure that you’re delivering the highest quality to your customers. Thankfully, kraft multiwall bags do the job well. Products you can store in these bags include, but are not limited to:

      • Grains

      • Flour, rice, sugar, or dry and grounded items

      • Chemicals and fertilizers

      • Seeds

    • Animal feed
  • Business and commercial purposes. Presentation is important, especially agricultural packaging as the product could be damaged and rendered unusable if not packaged appropriately. Additionally, the packaging can serve an even higher purpose and offer brand awareness and Multiwall paper bags are a terrific option for this. This material can be custom-tailored to your business needs and printed to stay on the top of your customers minds. 
  • Product protection. Some products are tricky to store because they are susceptible to unwelcome intrusions, like pests or bugs. But you don’t need to worry about these when you’re using multiwall bags as they are durable and tolerant to such conditions. 
  • Transportation of goods. These bags are ideal not just for storage, but also for transport. The closed, stitched ends of multiwall paper material are durable enough to hold heavyweight products—even during transportation yet are biodegradable and environmentally conscious in comparison to alternative packaging solutions. 
  • Manufacturing and packing. Some multiwall paper bags, like valve bags, have been intentionally designed to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Kraft bags make a great packaging solution and are among the most convenient items for this purpose.

The Advantages of Multiwall Paper Bags

Multiwall paper bags are utilized for a number of functions and purposes. But what exactly makes them so great and useful? Here are some of the qualities of multiwall bags that can guarantee satisfaction.

Highly Durable and Versatile

Multiwall paper bags are much different from the flimsy, single-layered paper bags that many of us are used to. Extra layers of protection give multiwall bags a remarkable ability to resist wear and tear. This reduces their susceptibility to parasites and other pests. 

Additionally, these bags can be used for almost all purposes in the agricultural industry. When it comes to packaging, resilience and versatility are the biggest factors to consider.

Customized However You Want

Want to add a brand to your packaging? Go crazy with multiwall bags. Since they’re made of paper, you can add recognizable brand logos, state-of-the-art designs, or even sleek labels. The best part? Kraft paper bags do allow for high-quality printing and painting. So if you want something more attractive and recognizable, this material will allow you to represent your business and serve as a packaging solution.

Ideal Packaging Solutions

Some multiwall bags are designed to make the packing process more seamless. Most are pleasantly surprised at how much time and effort you can save just by picking the right packaging materials. When it comes to convenience, multiwall paper bags are the best choice.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Options

Sustainability and ecological footprints are at the forefront of the goals of many businesses. Multiwall bags are made of paper, which is one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet. Unlike other items, they decompose very fast and don’t harm the environment. 

Multiwall paper can also be easily recycled. You can repurpose this material several times until it is worn out. By not investing in a single-use item, you’re also getting the more out of your investment.


Multiwall bags have a higher capacity for weight and fatigue than many single use, single layer options. By having layers of protection, they can withstand challenging conditions and unwanted pests. Plus, they are a stellar choice if you’re practicing environmental consciousness and waste reduction.

Try these game-changing bags for your business now. Standish Milling offers 50 lbs. multiwall paper bags in 36” x 16” sizes. Each bag is made with triple layers for more resilience. 

If you need more guidance on choosing the right packaging materials, contact us. We are more than happy to help.