50 lb. SMRP 100 Plus Alfalfa Coated

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Crops: Alfalfa is harvested as hay or silage which is processed or fed directly to livestock. Alfalfa is an important source of leaf meal used for fortifying baby food and other special diet foods prepared for human use. Large quantities of dehydrated alfalfa are also used in manufacturing concentrated feeds for poultry and livestock.

Livestock: This plant is grown by itself or in combination with grasses in improved pastures. It is grazed by all types of domestic livestock. Caution should be taken when using alfalfa for grazing due to its potential bloat hazard.

Wildlife: Alfalfa is an excellent food for antelope, deer, elk, Canada geese, sage grouse and sharp tail grouse. It is fair food for sandhill cranes, mallards, hungarian partridge, and pheasants.


  • Great forage yield potential
  • High forage quality potential
  • Fast recovery after cutting
  • Improved stand persistence
  • Excellent disease resistance package


SMRP 100 Brand Alfalfa is a superior blend of proprietary alfalfa varieties designed to provide great forage yield potential, high forage quality potential, fast recovery after cutting, improved persistence and an excellent disease resistance package.  SMRP 100 Brand Alfalfa has the agronomic characteristics needed to perform over a wide range of environmental conditions and is adapted to all areas where fall dormancy 3 and 4 alfalfa varieties are planted.

Bacterial Wilt Highly Resistant (HR) 5
Fusarium Wilt Highly Resistant (HR) 5
Verticillium Wilt Highly Resistant (HR) 5
Anthracnose-Race  1 Resistant (R) 4
Phytophthora Root Rot Highly Resistant (HR) 5
Aphanomyces-Race 1 Resistant (R) 4
Wisconsin Disease Index 28 out of30  



  • Fall Dormancy                            4.0
  • Winter Survival                          2.0
  • Recovery after Cutting            Fast

SMRP 100 is coated for improved establishment

Seeding Rate: 15-20 lbs. /Acre

Planting Dates:
April thru May
August thru Mid-September

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