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Forage: White Clover is the most important pasture legume. It is a highly palatable, nutritious forage for all classes of livestock. White clover is commonly planted with Orchardgrass, Ryegrass, or Tall Fescue. ‘Ladino’ grows tall enough to be harvested for hay, silage, and green chop. Intermediate and small White Clovers seldom grow tall enough to be harvested for hay or silage.

Beautification: White Clover is seeded at 2 pounds/acre with grass for stabilization on moist soils. On dry sites, it usually establishes only on wet or moist areas.

Wildlife: White Clover is a choice food for deer and elk.

Erosion control: Grass seedings benefit from the nitrogen produced by White Clover included in the seed mixture. Solid stands of White Clover form a good erosion controlling cover on moist fertile soils, but stands may be sparse or spotty on dry sites.

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