Fiskars Machete Saw


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A machete and saw in one make clearing brush easier than ever.

The innovative design of this dual-function tool features an ultra-sharp machete blade on one side and an aggressive saw blade on the other side. The machete rips through underbrush and even small trees in a way that flimsy, stamped-steel blades can’t. The large-toothed saw blade on the other side planes away wood with speed and precision to take down thicker trees and branches. A lightweight design increases swing speed to help you clear brush more quickly, and a Softgrip® handle with a large hilt provides excellent grip and comfortable use. As a bonus, it includes a lanyard to secure the machete to your wrist for added control and safety.

    • Ideal for clearing brush, cutting trails, stripping logs or felling small trees
    • Tempered steel machete blade is precision-ground to cut with less effort
    • Aggressive saw on the other side cuts on the push and pull stroke to take down thick branches and trunks quickly
    • Lightweight design offers increased swing speed to make clearing brush quick and easy
    • Softgrip® handle with a large hilt offers excellent comfort and control
    • Lanyard secures the machete to your wrist for enhanced control and safety
    • Blade length: 18″
    • Overall length: 22″
    • Lifetime warranty