1.5 Lb Big & J Meltdown

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BIG & J TM’s MELTDOWN Mineral Mix is of a blend of minerals with less than 1% salt content. This mineral mix is highly attractive to deer and will attract them all year long. All BIG&J products are designed to attract deer from a distance. MELTDOWN TM Mineral Mix accomplishes this through a chemical reaction that occurs when you add water to the mineral powder. This chemical reaction creates significant heat, which causes vaporization, especially when poured onto the ground. These vapors carry the aroma of the mineral mix through the air to the nose of the deer. This vaporization occurs at the time of the initial mixing, as well as with each rainfall.

  • Add water to container and mix to start chemical reaction (which also turns the mineral blue!)
  • Once mixture gets hot, pour onto exposed, loosened ground
  • Vapors attract deer from a distance (reactivated by rain)
  • Mineral blend (less than 1% salt) attracts deer year around

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in