5Lb Deer Cane Apple Mix

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Evolved Habitats, America’s #1 brand of wildlife nutritional products  developed to attract and hold wildlife, introduces Deer Cane Apple an apple  infused deer attractant mix powered by the addictive and beneficial ingredients  of original Deer Cain and enriched with Evolved’s exclusive Glo-Cote Ultra  Violet enhancement technology.

Powered by the irresistible, addicting and proven ingredients of original  Deer Cain Deer Cane Apple blends the nutritional benefits of original Deer Cain  with the sweet flavor of apple taking this tried and true attractant to the next  level. Like its predecessor Deer Cane Apple drives deer crazy making them paw,  lick, gnaw and scrape sites to get to the nutrients they need and crave.

Enhanced by moisture, the highly active minerals and apple scents in Deer  Cane Apple emit a vapor that attract deer to the supplement sites from long  distances. Further improving the magnetism, Deer Cane Apple utilizes Evolved’s  exclusive Glo-Cote Ultra Violet enhancement technology, which emits a neon blue  glow seen by deer from all directions.

In chorus, this attraction tantalizes deer and uses their sense of sight,  smell and taste against them making Deer Cane Apple the ultimate deer  attractant. Each 5lb bag of powdered attractant will create two mineral sites  and features critical minerals such as sodium, calcium and phosphorous to aid in  overall heard health, musculoskeletal and antler development.


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