Trophy Rock Four65

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Trophy Rock Four65 Mineral Deer Supplement is a natural and easy way to provide over 65 different macro and micro trace minerals to your deer herd in a granular form. It is mined from an ancient mineral deposit in the USA with nothing added or removed. We trust nature to bring a perfect ratio and balance to your deer herd to compensate for mineral-deficient soils and browse. It is a safe and effective way for deer on your property to restore the electrolytes and trace minerals that will help them reach their full potential – 65 supplements, all 4 seasons of the year. Serious hunters who care about antler size and herd health swear they’ve never seen a better product. 30 lb. bag. Manufacturer model #: FOUR65.

  • Contains over 60 beneficial trace minerals
  • Improve antler development and overall deer herd health
  • Place it on a stump or rock in a staging area or near a bedding area
  • Safe for all wildlife year round

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 5 in