Legume Food Plot Mix

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Legume Food Plot Mix


Available in 13.5-lb. and 40.5-lb. bags

Ideal Northern Edge Legume Mix is a long-lasting (3 to 5 years) perennial mix adapted to a wide range of soil and environmental conditions, including lighter soils that dry out quickly.

Each of the six components that make up the six components that make up this mix were selected for their persistence, high protein levels, mineral content, high digestibility and palatability.

Ideal Northern Edge Legume Mix will green up early in the spring and produce forage until a hard freeze occurs. It is recommended to mow or clip the plot whenever the alfalfa starts to bloom to generate new growth which deer love.IDEAL



  • Easy to plant in spring or fall
  • Long Lasting
  • Attracts rapidly
  • Attracts deer and other wildlife
  • Highly Nutritious


FSG 408 Brand Alfalfa 80 % Wyoming
Chicory 80 % Oregon
Ideal Brand Ladino Clover 80 % California
Pardee Birdsfoot Trefoil 85 % Canada
Alskike Clover 80 % Canada
Intert Matter (Includes Coating Material)
Coating Material

Optimum Planting Dates: April – May, August


Ideal Northern Edge

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

13.5 lb., 40.5 lb.