Wildlife Annual Food Plot Mix



Wildlife Annual Food Plot Mix


Available in 50-lb. bags

Many wildlife mixes contain cool season legumes and grasses that decline in forage production during July and August.

Ideal Northern Edge Annual Mix has been designed to fill the need for maximum forage production and nutrition during the summer through early fall when other forages experience “summer decline”.

The six components that make up this mix have been specifically selected to produce high quality forage rapidly and continuously throughout this important time of the year for whitetail deer.

This mix should be used in conjunction with the other Ideal Northern Edge mixes to help provide a year-round food source for whitetail deer, turkey, and other wildlife.

For best results, Northern Edge Annual Mix should be planted when the soil temperature reaches 65 degrees.


  • Easy to plant in spring or fall
  • Establishes rapidly
  • Attracts rapidly
  • Attracts deer and other wildlife
  • Highly Nutritious


M-1185 Soybean 80 % Maryland
Australian Winter Peas 80 % Idaho
Latah Forage Peas 80 % Minnesota
Mancan Bucwheat 85 % South Dakota
WGF Grain Sorghum 80 % Texas
Purple Top Turnip 85 % Idaho
Dwarf Essex Rape 85 % Idaho
Intert Matter (Includes Coating Material)

Optimum Planting Dates: May – June

Planting Rate: 50 pounds per 1/2 acre


Ideal Northern Edge

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

50 lb.