285 lb Capacity Metal Hopper w/ 6 Volt Digital Control Unit

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285lb Capacity Metal Hopper w/ 6 Volt Digital Control Unit


Patented Spinner Mechanism not only rotates, BUT elevates up and down! When motor is shut off, the spinner plate automatically is pushed up tight AND sealed against the hopper, preventing any leakage while your vehicle is moving. The SPINTECH technology is windproof and also prevents varmints like racoons & squirrels from opening the plaste and eating feed.

Gamemaster 285lb Capacity 6 Volt Digital Control Unit:

  • 285lb Capacity Galvanized Hopper
  • 6V digital Control Unit with Patented Spinner Mechanism (WILL NOT LEAK CORN OR FEED, VARMINT AND WINDPROOF)
  • Locking sectional legs
  • Secured Lid with springs easy to fill from ground or pickup truck
  • Comes with foot pads that have holes to secure into ground
  • Site glass to view feed level

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in

285 lb.