Skunk Charcoal Filter 6″ 475 CFM

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Scrub the Skunk Funk from your space with Maverick Sun’s Premium Carbon Filter.  The Skunk Filterutilizes the highest quality virgin carbon available on the market.  Most competitors use carbon pellets inside their filters.  Using this medium, only the outside of the solid carbon pellet is being utilized for activated carbon intake.


The Skunk Filter utilizes granular carbon with thousands of micro pours throughout each piece, so you’re not only getting all the external activated carbon, but also takes advantage of all the active carbon contained within the piece as well.  More active carbon use = better filtration.

Here are some more features for this amazing filter:

  • Comes in 4in, 6in and 8in diameter ducting sizes
  • High Quality Premium Activated Carbon
  • Light Weight and Highly Efficient
  • Aluminum Base and Ends for Reduced Weight
  • Utilizes Entire Filter Area for Extended Filter Life
  • Superior Air Flow from Larger Mesh Openings
  • Two Inch Carbon Bed to Maximize Active Carbon Flow
  • Pre-filter Included

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