Rapitest Mini 4-in-1 Tester

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  • Helps provide a healthy growing environment
  • Measures sunlight, soil fertility, soil moisture, and soil pH
  • Three stainless steel probes
  • Product specifically designed to be used only in soil
  • No batteries required



It can be hard to tell why plants just don’t seem to do well in certain areas. Is it the soil? Is there enough sunlight? Fortunately, the Rapitest Mini 4-in-1 Tester can remove the guesswork and provide solid answers. It tests soil pH, moisture and fertility, and determines the level of available sunlight in any outdoor area. Gardeners just flip the switch to the desired setting and read the results on the easy to understand dial.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.8 × 5 × 13.3 in