Michigan Mediums Bloom Mix 1Cu Ft


  • Complete the growing cycle when plants in a vegetative state are ready to move on.
  • This super soil is blended with an abundance of Phosphates, 17 total ingredients to promote strong healthy blooms, and enriched with 77 different trace minerals.
  • This mix has the nutrients available for the entire grow cycle no need for any ‘over the counter’ fertilizers for most plants.
  • Great for anything growing indoors or outdoors.
  • Provides microbiology to grow healthy, vibrant plants.
  • Little to no additional fertilizer needed.


(Proprietary Blend) Coconut Coir, Composted Steer Manure, Double Ground Bark, Feather Meal, Meat and Bone Meal, Humic Kelp, Paramagnetic Rock, Perlite Coarse, Spelt Hulls, Sphagnum Peat, Carbonatite, Tennessee Brown Rock Phosphate, Vermiculite, Worm Castings, Zeolite.




Directions for Use

  1. Transplant plants from Michigan Mediums VEG MIX directly into Michigan Mediums Bloom Mix.
  2. For repotting plants, select containers larger than the one being replaced. Loosen roots from root mass and use the same procedure with all Michigan Mediums Mixes.
  3. Fill container with Michigan Mediums Bloom Mix to the desired level.
  4. Place plant into container allowing enough room for plant root system to be completely covered with Michigan Mediums Bloom Mix.
  5. Make sure plant sits at the correct level. Press gently to secure plant. Do not pack too tightly. Add more soil if necessary.
  6. When not transplanting and growing in large pots, make sure to layer pots with top half Michigan Mediums Veg Mix and the bottom half Michigan Mediums Bloom Mix. No additional ingredients required.


Michgian Mediums

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 6 in