B’cuzz Bloombastic

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This single enhancer takes the place of many. If you want to keep things simple and not have to purchase several enhancers, use Bloombastic and you will see your plants respond as if you had The Bling Bling for your plants, the Bloombastic(reg) formula contains biological minerals in combination with our next generation ATA biological stimulants to create a one-of-a-kind nutrient additive specifically designed for the flowering and ripening of your plants. Bloombastic(reg) is engineered to stimulate the enzyme process on several levels that will make your plants less sensitive to stress factors such as: warmth, dry air, high light intensity, disease, and nutrient inadequacies


Highly concentrated B’cuzz Bloombastic (0-14-15) gives plants the potassium and phosphorus infusion they need for a productive bloom stage. This supplement is an advanced mix of biomineral nutrients and stimulants that increases essential oils and flower weight for higher quality blooms.

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80ML, 325ML