Green Planet Massive

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  • Massive is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and growth stimulants.
  • It is a high performance flowering additive with organic components derived from bee by-products.
  • Massive is enhanced with B vitamins plus all the necessary micro elements, including the naturally occurring hormones, gibbrellic acid and tricantonal from bee by-products.
  • Massive can be used to enhance any nutrient program with definitive and positive results.
  • The benefit of using Massive is that it contains a myriad of ingredients that growers currently use, therefore allowing the consumer to achieve better results using fewer products, leading to less confusion and error.



Massive Bloom Formulation is a great flowering additive that is used throughout the flowering stage to supercharge your flowers making them bigger and denser using a carefully assembled blend of naturally derived plant stimulants and a properly balanced nutrient component. We also don’t add artificial dyes, colors or masking agents. Green Planet’s belief is that if it doesn’t have a specific function then we won’t include it as a component. Green Planet simply will not compromise our products integrity. Growers rave about how well Massive Bloom Formulation works and it is very common for growers to report increases in dry weight of over 30% which is absolutely amazing in this market of wild claims and overzealous marketing. There is no other product like it.



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