House & Garden Top Booster, 1 Liter

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  • Excellent flowering stimulator
  • House and Garden Brand
  • Comes in 1 Liter size



House & Garden Top Booster is an excellent flowering stimulator which acts on the basis of potassium and phosphorus and Eddha-Fe (iron). These elements are important for the plant’s flowering; potassium for the beginning of the flowering stage and phosphorus for the proper development of fructification, while the Eddha-Fe additive ensures a better coloring of the leaves. H&G Top Booster creates an optical drought giving the plant the impression that the last phase of its life cycle has started. To ensure its survival, the plant will therefore begin forming flowers and fruits to reproduce. Add Top Booster for two to three days and then return to the usual nutrient composition. The plant will continue to form fruits and flowers. As this aspect of the final phase of the plant’s cycle starts earlier, the fruits and flowers have more time to become larger.

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