Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer

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Bloom Maximizer. Botanicare Hydroplex (0-10-6) is a premium plant nutrient supplement designed to highly enhance fruit, flower and bloom development. Originally available in two formulas (soil & hydroponic), it is now available as one balanced formula that is effective for all growing mediums.


Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer has been reformulated to include a broad range of amino acids, more trace minerals and more immune system–boosting vitamins. Hydroplex nurtures plants’ inner cravings and promotes the natural development of enzymes, chlorophyll and root development as well as increased resistance to external stresses, greater production of essential oils and sugars, brilliant flowers, and crisp, mouthwatering fruit.

During the fruiting/ flowering phase, use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon (2-5 ml) Hydroplex per gallon (4-liter) of water depending on overall health and size of plants.

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