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Pro-Guard is created to improve a plants ability to tolerate heat and drought and to provide additional potassium and a high level of silica. Potassium also helps the plant withstand drought by regulating the opening and closing of stomata’s and accelerates nutrient absorption into plant roots and prevents oxygen deficiency. Pro-Guard is easily the most economical to use when compared to similar type products.

Improves plant tolerability to heat and drought – Beneficial to plant vigour and development – Contains Silicon & Potash.

How it Works:
Potassium silicate also helps the plants build stronger cell walls, which helps reduce transpiration at higher temperatures.
The result of reduced transpiration, (especially for propagation), is that cuttings will not sweat (transpire) their water.
With less transpiration, plants will retain more water in their cells reducing plant stress in the case of under watering or drought conditions.
Pro-Guard can be used During all Stages of Growth.

Rooted cuttings or young plants: 5ml – per / 4 Litres
Plants over two weeks old: 10ml – per / 4 Litres
Pro-Guard can be used During all Stages of Growth.

Always add Pro-Guard slowly to the nutrient solution to avoid clouding, and then adjust the pH accordingly.
For topping off reservoirs between nutrient changes add Pro-Guard at 10ml per gallon (2 tsp/4 litres) for every gallon added to reservoir.
Be careful to check the pH since Pro-Guard will increase it (alkaline).

Avoid contact with eyes or skin. In case of contact flush with fresh water, if irritation persists contact a physician

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