90 ct. Boothhill-Pail

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: BootHill paraffin blocks can be easily broken into 2, 4 or 8 ounce sections. Formulated with whole food grade grains and paraffin, BootHill provides maximum rodent acceptance in a block rodenticide. BootHill paraffin blocks contain bromadiolone, a single feed anticoagulant invented and patented by Liphatech, used to control rodents for over 30 years. BootHill paraffin blocks are an ideal choice for humid or wet locations. Keys to rodenticide performance:

Place BootHill paraffin blocks on vertical or horizontal rods in Aegis bait stations or other bait stations.

Place BootHill paraffin blocks between the rodents nest and/or feed and water supply.

Maintain a consistent supply of BootHill paraffin blocks until rodent feeding stops.

TARGET PESTS: Rats and Mice

WHERE TO USE IT:  Should be used inside of Tamper Proof Rodent Bait Stations.  Place stations in areas where rodents frequent.

RATE OF APPLICATION: For rats place one station every 15 feet along foundation walls, fences or similar barrier.

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