1 Pt. Sevin Concentrate Liquid

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Sevin® Daconil Fungicide gives homeowners excellent protection for ornamental plants from the makers of GardenTech® Sevin®.

  • Soft on beneficial insects
  • Rain proof
  • Rapid breakdown
  • 1 pt.

Daconil exhibits a multi-site mode-of-action, which can delay or prevent the development of resistance to single-site fungicides by attacking the disease-causing pathogen at several sites. Fast and easy to handle, Daconil mixes quickly and completely into suspension. Because it stays in suspension for up to six hours, it gives consistent application from start to finish with less settling out and without clogging spray nozzles. The active ingredient in Daconil is chlorothalonil. While non-toxic to mammal and bird species, it is toxic to fish and marine life. Please consult safety instructions on the package prior to use.

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