3LB Bag Terro Ant Kill & Insect Control

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Terro Outdoor Ant Killer – 3lb Shaker Bag

Keeps ants, cockroaches, fleas and other insects from intruding into your home.

Packaged in a convenient and resealable shaker bag, this ant killer allows the granules to be easily distributed around the perimeter of your house, without the need for a chemical spreader or broadcaster. This formula will kill ants on contact, and also cockroaches, fleas, and others insects.

When treating around house foundation, apply a three to ten foot band of granules nearby and water lightly. When treating ant hills and fire ant mounds, apply half a cup of ant granules and a minimum of a gallon of water to each. It is best applied in cool weather.


  • For outdoor, residential use
  • Contains lambda-cyhalothrin
  • Convenient, easy-to-use shaker bag
  • no chemical spreader required
  • Kills ants, cockroaches and fleas on contact
  • Long-lasting residual control
  • Weather resistant
  • Please Note: Not Available For Delivery Outside Mainland US


3lb resealable shaker bag

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