Golden Malrin 10LB Fly Control

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Golden Malrin Fly Bait Features: * With Muscamone Fly Attractant * Attracts And Kills Flies * Standard Particle Size To Reduce Dust * Can Be Used As A Scatter Bait Or In Bait Stations * America’s #1 selling fly bait ! Golden Malrin Fly Bait Uses / Applications: Use Golden Malrin as a scatter bait only around the outside of certain commercial agricultural production facilities where children or pets will not be present, specifically feedlots, broiler houses, and livestock barns. Bait may be used on walkways in caged layer houses. Golden Malrin may also be used as a scatter bait around the outside of the following commercial facilities: canneries, beverage plants, meat and poultry processing plants, food processing plants, and commercial refuse dumpsters which are fenced or otherwise enclosed. Do not use around commercial dumpsters which are not enclosed. Do not use around dumpsters in residential settings. Golden Malrin Fly Target Bait Target Pests: Used for Fly Control In and Around Commercial Establishments.  Great For Use Around Dumpsters, Garbage Cans, Kennels, Dairy’s, Etc.. Golden Malrin Fly Bait Active Ingredient: Methomyl……….1.100% – See more at:—1-lb/#.U6GjRZAo6M8

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in