1 Gal Natural Pond Cleaner

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  • Easy to apply specialized blend of micro-organisms with superior digestive capability.
  • Natural Pond Cleaner contains hundreds of millions of hungry organisms.
  • Reduces odors and restores healthy bacteria to protect the natural balance of your pond or lake.
  • Safely breaks down muck and dead vegetation
  • Comes in a 1 gallon jug to treat 1 acre of land


Organisms in Natural Pond Cleaner will consume herbicides. Do not apply at the same time. Allow 3 weeks before or after herbicide application before applying Natural Pond Cleaner. This does not apply to Crystal Blue Pond Colorant, PondMarket Super Blue Dye,  or Crystal Plex Algae Control.

Apply one container of Natural Pond Cleaner per acre of water 4-6′ deep or -6 acre feet. One gallon of Natural Pond Cleaner will treat up to 1.5 million gallons of water, depending on water quality. If water quality is poor, bottom debris layer is excessive, nutrient level is high, weekly doses for 1 month may be necessary. After 1 month, treatments can be reduces to no less than once per month.

Natural Pond Cleaner is a blend of highly specialized micro organisms with superior enzymatic activity. It effectively clears up bottom muck, clears the water, and reduces odors. Natural Pond Cleaner rapidly and completely degrades a wide variety of organic waste common in surface waters including dead weeds. Crud and muck actually disappear from the water.

Use Natural Pond Cleaner in any lake or pond. Begin in spring when water temperatures reach 50F degrees or above. Full comprehensive clean up will require up to 90 days depending on the extent of the bottom build up.

Natural Pond Cleaner works equally well in water containing high or low levels of dissolved oxygen. Optimum results occur in water with a water temperature between 50F degrees and 95F degrees, and a pH of 6.5 to 8.0. PondMarket Maintenance Teams have found that creating a treatment program comprised of Natural Pond Cleaner, PondMarket Large Pond and Lake Bio-Cleaner, Pond Market Super Blue Pond Dye, and Crystal Plex Algae Control will keep any earth bottom pond looking beautiful.

If pH is too high, using Crystal Clear pHusion is a cost effective method at bringing pH down. In situations where pH cannot be lowered, use PondMarket Large Lake and Pond Bio-Cleaner because it works equally well in ponds that have unbalanced pH.

Additional Uses: Maure digestion in feed lots, livestock areas, stables, and lagoons.

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