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Cutrine Plus Liquid with copper ethanolamine complexes is a rapid acting, hard water stable, contact algaecide. Controls a broad range of algae in lakes, ponds, fish hatcheries, irrigation canals, and drainage ditches. Also effective on Hydrilla, when used in combination with Reward or Weedtrine-D Liquid.

Cutrine Plus contains no corrosive sulfates unlike similar common algaecides and also provides increased stability. Water hardness will not reduce effectiveness. Begins to work on contact with algae.

Once contact is established, Cutrine Plus Liquid begins to work immediately to break down the algae cellular structure and interrupt the ability to photosynthesize food. Controls Planktonic Algae in 24 to 48 hours, Filamentous Algae in 3 to 4 days.



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Filamentous Algae Excellent
Planktonic Algae Excellent

Water Use Restrictions

Active Ingredients: Copper ethanolamine complexes
Weight % Active Ingredient: 9.0
EPA Reg.No. 8959-10
Number of Days
Human Drinking 0
Human Swimming 0
Human Fish Consumption 0
Animal Drinking 0
Turf Irrigation 0
Forage Irrigation 0
Food Crop Irrigation 0


To apply, determine the volume of water to be treated in acre-feet. Use 1 gallon of CUTRINE-PLUS Liquid per 1.5 acre-feet of water. Dilute with a minimum of 9 parts water. Spray uniformly over the water surface with a tank or backpack Sprayer. Allow material to rain down in coarse droplets for better surface penetration.

Cutrine Plus Example:

  • Sample 100ft x 100ft Lakeshore Lot (.23 Acre) 4 Ft average depth*. Calculations as: 0.23 acres X 4ft = 0.92 acre/ft. 1 gal / 1.5 acre/ft = 0.66 gal per 1 acre/ft. 0.92 acre/ft. X 0.66 gal = 0.6 gal Amount of Cutrine required : .0.6 Gal for Filamentous Control (Low Dose)
  • Sample 148ft x 148ft Pond (.50 Acre) – 3 Ft average depth*. Calculations as:  0.5 acres X 3 ft = 1.5 acre/ft. 1 gal per 1.5 acre/ft = 1 gal. Amount of Cutrine required: 1.0 Gal for Filamentous Control. Plankton algae doses are less. (Low Dose)

*Consult Label for Exact Doses & Important Application Directions.

For Best Results

Begin application in spring as water temperature warms to 60º F and above. Early treatment when growth first appears or begins to create a nuisance will reduce the amount of Cutrine Plus Liquid you will need. Early treatment will also reduce the amount of dead growth.

Control will last for several weeks to several months depending on local conditions. Several applications will usually be required to maintain season long control. Retreat as re-growth begins to appear. Allow 1 to 2 weeks between consecutive treatments.

Heavy, out of control growth may require more than one application or physical removal to gain control. For best results, use under conditions of minimal water flow. Apply early on the morning of a calm, sunny day. Contact time should be at least 3 hours.

Contact with algae will be improved by breaking apart heavy surface mats before application. Use Cygnet Plus to increase penetration and contact. Add Bio Boost Enzyme to the tank mix to increase the effectiveness of the algae treatment. Treat heavy infestations in sections to avoid oxygen depletion.


Cutrine Plus Liquid may be toxic to Trout if carbonate hardness of treated water is less than 50 ppm (parts per million). Most surface waters exceed this limit and pose no threat. If in doubt, use the Water Hardness Test Strips. Do not use in water containing Koi or hybrid Goldfish.

*All pesticides can be harmful to health and the environment if misused. Read the label and follow directions. Consult with your local regulatory agency before applying herbicides and algaecides to public waters. There are herbicides from other states that are either not licensed in Wisconsin or Illinois, or are not recommended by ABI.

A WI DNR Aquatic Plant Control Permit or DATCP Fish Farm License is required in WI in order to apply algaecides or herbicides. In addition ponds and lakes with overflows not contained on the property are required to obtain a WPDES permit. Illinois Residents are required to obtian NPDES permits through the Illinois EPA.

In order to apply chemicals in liquid form within Wisconsin, the applicator must be licensed with the State.

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