Copper Sulfate 50 lb Bag

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Copper Sulfate has many uses:

  • Corse Crystals can be used to destroy algae in water supplies
  • Bordeaux Mixture
  • Recommended by plumbers to kill tree roots in septic and sewer lines.
  • For Copper Deficiency in Soil and livestock
  • Recommended by veterinarians as a foot bath for horses, livestock and cattle
  • Effective in hard water, toxic to fish in soft water

Safety Data Sheet: Quimag Quimicos Aguila Copper Sulfate Crystal MSDS

Labels: Quimag Quimicos Aguila Copper Sulfate Crystal Labels


This 99% copper sulfate fine product is for controlling algal blooms, it is the most basic copper compound that has been used for years as an algaecide. It is not very effective in hard water and can be toxic to fish in soft water.

Active Ingredient: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

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Weight 51 lbs
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