50 lb. Navigate 24D Grain

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Navigate Aquatic Herbicide is a granular formulation of 2, 4-d and is especially effective in controlling Eurasian Watermilfoil, Coontail, and Water Lillies. Navigate is used for selective control of nuisance aquatic vegetation, and is very safe and easy to to apply.
Application Rates:
Apply 100 lbs per acre to kill Eurasian Watermilfoil.
Apply 100 lbs per acre to kill Coontail
Apply 150 lbs per acre to kill Water Lilies
Application Tips:
How to apply Navigate Aquatic Herbicide?
Navigate granular herbicide is very easy to apply using a scoop, cup, or a hand spreader. Just simply scoop up some Navigate granules and throw them directly onto the milfoil, water lilies, or coontail. It is best to treat the vegetation early in the season while it is still actively growing.
The key to proper applications is to estimate your square footage of weeds and then make sure to get the right amount of Navigate evenly spread throughout the area.
Keep in mind that one acre of water is about 44,000 square feet. If your treating a section of milfoil that goes out 20 feet and is 200 feet long, than you are treating 4,000 square feet. You would need to evenly disperse approximately 10-15 lbs of Navigate to kill the milfoil in this area.
Wait about 10 days and then go back to that same area again and treat any remaining milfoil.

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