33LB Applegate Hydro Mulch W/Tack




Product Overview

HYDRO-LOK provides the hydro-seeding professional with the most desired features looked for in a hydromulch – Color, Coverage and Cost.  With Hydro-Lok  you get all 3!  How?  By using a secondary wood-based fiber product that is 100% recycled, environmentally safe, and ecologically preferred.  It’s made from all natural materials that are organic and fully biodegradable.  Instead of cutting down trees, we’ve diverted this perfectly good existing resource that has served its initial purpose, from being dumped into overflowing landfills, lost forever.  We’ve processed it and put it back into the ecosystem one more time, to establish grass, wildflowers and other plantings.


Our exclusive “Fiberization Process” results in a ‘fuzzier’ mulch with greater surface area and more exposed fibers to interlock.  Packaged at an honest 10% moisture content you’ll always get more fiber to the ton with Hydro-Lok.


Hydro-Lok comes in standard 50 pound bales and will work well in all brands of hydraulic seeding equipment.


Hydro-Lok promotes quick germination and controls erosion by forming a nurturing blanket over the applied area, holding the seed in place while providing a protective cover for both seed and soil.  Hydro-Lok dependably holds until seed establishment has taken place.  Use with our Pro-Tac professional grade tackifier for extra holding power on slopes.


Hydro-Lok holds 90% of its own weight in absorbed water, providing two additional benefits.  First, by absorbing and holding moisture, it provides the seed with a more continuous water supply until germination has taken place.  Second, by absorbing excessive moisture during rainfall and irrigation events.  It protects the seed not only from washing away, but also from drowning in too much water, ultimately enhancing germination on all types of projects.


Hydro-Lok is ideal for quality turfgrass plantings such as home lawns and golf courses and economical enough for revegetation and wildflower seeding

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Weight 34 lbs