Deep Freeze Roll on For Athletes

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  • Athletic and Muscle Related Injuries
  • Sore or Strained Muscles
  • Back Pain; Bruising and Arthritis Pain
  • Tight Neck and Shoulder Muscles
  • Hip and Leg Pain
  • Painful Joints
  • Ankle or Foot Pain
Deep Freeze Therapeutic Pain Relief Gel Roll-On for Athletes Good For You and The Horse You Rode In On Formulated by the creator of BioFreeze. A form of cold therapy that cools the area it is placed upon on contact. It works on the premise that cold signals travel to the brain faster than pain signals; the brain therefore puts its attention on the sensations of the cold signals instead of the pain signals. However, unlike ice, it does not constrict the blood vessels. Upon contact it also penetrates quickly and stimulates the circulation in the area it was applied. Roll On Relief For Athletic and Muscle Related Injuries; Sore or Strained Muscles; Back Pain; Bruising and Arthritis Pain; Tight Neck and Shoulder Muscles; Hip and Leg Pain; Painful Joints; Ankle or Foot Pain. 4 oz.

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