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Add an exciting element to your bird garden with the Heath Wild Bird Buffet Feeder.  This unit entices birds to feed while adding color and style to any area.  Twig and leaf shapes surround the seed tube, with vivid yellow, green, and red colors on the leaves for an autumnal effect.  This metal frame offers perching places for smaller, clinging birds, while the perch ring at the bottom offers resting spots for larger birds.  A 5.75″ diameter base allows some seed to spill from the clear plastic reservoir, and a lip keeps it on the tray.  Drainage holes help excess water escape,  keep air circulating, and retain seed freshness.  A large plastic baffle at the top of the feeder protects seed from moisture, and the generous 1.5 quart capacity keeps your birds full.  An integrated seed baffle at the bottom of the reservoir keeps it moving, preventing seed rot, and the lid is held on by a rubber stopper.  Remove the clear plastic lid for cleaning or refilling the item, and use the integrated metal chain to hang it.  Bring color to your garden with this Wild Bird Buffet Feeder.
Birds that use this feeder:

  • cardinals, chickadees, doves, finches, flickers, goldfinches, grackles, grosbeaks, jays, juncos, kinglets, nuthatches, sparrows, starlings, titmice, towhees, and woodpeckers

Seed or Feed Options: cracked corn, mixed seed, peanut chunks, safflower seed, sunflower kernels, and sunflower seed


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Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in