We Build The Future

Standish Milling is a family owned business that is entering its fourth generation! You could say, we’ve been around for a while. It’s taken some time to get to where we are so let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we?

We were founded by John Mitrzyk in 1934 and started out as a small flour mill, having just 12 employees.  Primarily we distributed flour and twine.

Jack and Robert Mitrzyk, brothers, transformed our facility into a feed mill years later and began manufacturing birdseed and livestock feeds.

In 1978, the Standish Milling Retail Store was born! James Mitrzyk and Greg Mitrzyk, also brothers, were the founders. They started out with just a few store shelves stocked with dog food and some poultry products. A few years later we added our wholesale department, a 13-truck fleet and as you can guess many, many, more products!

In April 1995, we suffered a devasting fire which consumed most of our original mill and burned it to the ground, with exception of the bird seed packaging operation. That very same day we were back up and running at our current location on M-61.

Towards New Horizons

We take pride in being a family owned business and really feel that helps add to what we have to offer not only to our customers but our local community as well.  Not a lot of stores have made it through the ups and downs of the economy, but we are proud to say we have, and just entered our 86th year in business.  Although it has not always been easy, we have managed to endure all the good and bad and remain a successful business.

Today, Standish Milling employs almost 50 employees and sells over 15,000 different products. We deliver to over 700 wholesalers and have 13 semis. The fourth generation of Mitrzyk’s are getting ready to take over and take things to the next level.  They are highly motivated and excited to grow with our customers.  Speaking of our customers, we are so thankful for those who have stood by us over the years, we would not be where we are today without them. I know everyone says things like “we have the best customers,” but we really, truly do!

In closing, we hope our families story inspires you to grow with us. We have many new ventures ahead of us and we would love for you to be there with us.

The Mitrzyk Family

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