Wholesale shipments

It is necessary for us to require a 2 ton(4000LB) or $1,500 Minimum order. With this minimum order, we will guarantee to get your product to you. If we are going directly by your door, we will stop for a 1000LB order. If you don't need 2 tons of product, and we aren't going by your door, we will work out a reasonable delivery charge. This charge will be based on how far out of our direct route your business is located. Federal regulations limit how many hours a day our drivers can be on the road. The more weight and less stops, equals a shorter day for our drivers. This will ensure our drivers won't run out of hours and be able to get home. Please be aware that it is not always possible to deliver small orders on a specified date, but we will make every effort to deliver as soon as possible. Carry-off deliveries must provide help to the driver for unloading. There will be a $25.00 service charge if help is not provided. Due to the increase in fuel costs we are forced to implement a surcharge that is subject to change with the cost of fuel. Current fuel surcharge is $15.00 a drop; $35.00 per truckload. All lift gate requests $35.00 per drop. Terms of sale are stated very clearly on all invoices. Any customer that does not pay within the stated terms will be charged service fee's. We prefer and trust that our patrons will pay within terms set. However, we expect payment for any service fee's incurred on late payments, no exceptions. When purchasing full truckloads of product (salt or dog food or sunflower seeds etc.), Payment cannot be made using a credit card. This also applies to payments on "Super Specials." All truckload purchases are 10 day terms with approved credit. We will appreciate your cooperation in calling your orders in by 10:00A.M. the day prior to your delivery date. On special mixes, we need two days notice to ensure time for mixing. This policy will help us keep down overtime hours for late evening loading of trucks.

Wholesale returns

Shortages must be reported to us by phone, fax or email, within 48 hours of delivery in order for us to issue credit. Damaged or unwanted products must be returned to us first before credit can be issued. Credit can only be given for products purchased within the previous two months and must also have an invoice number accompanying them. For goods returned because you are not able to move them,we will have to charge a 10% restocking fee. Thank you for your business, we really appreciate it, and we hope we can continue to have a mutually beneficial business relationship.